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What is the Ham Radio ? (english)

9. listopadu 2006 v 1:12 | Petr, OK1RP |  Ham Radio
Amateur radio is fascinating hobby which enables millions worldwide to communicate with each other by many different means. Amateur radio is a hobby for everyone interested in communicating…
Amateur radio is responsible for putting hundreds of thousands of poeple all over the world into direct contact with each other every day.
World wide there are two million licensed radio enthusiasts spread across virtualy every country, who are free to operate from the comfort of their own homes.
Age, profession, nationality, political and ethnic barriers are non existent, thus promoting international friendship and understanding. Amateur radio can be enjoyed by young and old, male and female and even the most severely disabled can make friends around the world from their own home.
Contacts may be made using Morse code ( telegraphy mode) or speech, between computers and even by television. Radio amateurs have built satellites for their own use.
Because radio amateurs are permitted to use a wide range of frequencies and transmission modes, they must be qualified operators. Training is available from radio clubs or technical colleges, depending on the qualification needed. A novice licence scheme available in many countries provides an easy way to become a radio amateur.
Amateur radio can be enjoyed in many different ways. Some of the ways in which you can enjoy this interest are:
Telegraphy contact ( CW ) using the Morse code - using a series of dots and dashes transmission can reach further distances than speech. It is also an international "language" allowing contacts all over the world.
Voice contact - using the microphone linked to a transmitter / receiver.
Satellite transmission - international contacts are possible by bouncing communications off satellites orbiting the earth. Radio amateurs take an active part in designing and building satellites for their own use.
DX peditions - an amateur radio trip. This can be anywhere from the North Pole to remote unheard of islands, to your foreign holiday, or remote uncharted jungles.

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